Friday, January 28, 2011

Plain Wisdom...A Book Review

Image Taken from Author's Website

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

"Two Friends from Different worlds- one Old Order Amish, one Englisher-share the truths that bring them together." -taken from back of book.

This book does not go on sale until March 15, 2011, make plans to add this to your collection!

This book was about two friends, which are also the author's of the book. It's not a story imagined, this book has many real life occurrences for these two ladies. It shows their true friendship, not only between the two of them, but those in their lives. It's gives an inside look 
into daily life being an Amish women in today's current times. 
This book I found to be uplifting, encouraging & heartfelt all at the same time! 
I was able to actually visualize through there words as these stories were being told, I laughed & cried. This was the first book I had read by Cindy & I am defiantly a fan! 

I defiantly recommend this one! 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Changes are here AGAIN!!

Hey Ya'll!

Notice anything different??? I can't seem to make up my mind on the design of this place!! I know how I want it to look, but actually getting it to look that way....well that's a different story!

I spent so much time the other day trying to add fonts to my blog, never succeding....finally I had enough & just gave up!

So you may notice things a little off, I'm trying to find that "perfect look" as they say!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Look @ this Deal I Got!!!!

Saturday , Taylor & I went to our local Goodwill Store. Now the few times I've been
in there I've never found anything. This time I was determined to at least find something,
I had nothing but time, Chris was home with the boys {my Nephew, Nevaeh is staying with us
for a little while, just in case you were wondering where I picked up another child, for those
of you that know I only have 2 kids} so I browsed through the racks, my arms were hurting
by the time I was done. I was getting discouraged & my allergies were beginning to kick in. I don't know why every time I go there my allergies start to act up. Taylor said it was because maybe the people that
donated there clothes had cats?? Which I am allergic too. Who knows??

But anywho, on to my deal... I was in the house ware section, when low & behold I look
down what do I see??
Why, a set of Pier 1 dishes, enough for 6 folks & the price


Why I could not believe it, I told Taylor, "girl go get mama a buggy" I stood vigilante
over them dishes till she got back! I loaded them up & was just beaming with glory!!

It could be best depicted like this kid in the video below!!!!

Funny.... I know!

Well here are the dishes I got!!

They are soo pretty!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Well if this ain't random

Happy Friday!
OK, so I have been really lazy with my picture taking lately & I'm pretty sure my
camera needs batteries. Today I'm taking the easy road... posting some random shots I already
have on the computer.... some of you may have seen these already on here & some may not!

 This was the view in my backyard the day after Christmas.

 This one I'm taking it waaaayyy back. This is my Senior Prom 1997, that's my little sister with me.
{sure wish I was that size today! HA!}

This is myself, Teresa, and Annette with Anita Refroe during a conference last year.
By the way Annette has a blog you should check her out!

This is my nephew Nevaeh, he's 5.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something New

I've started a separate blog. Yes, I know I'm nuts.... I do good to try and keep this one updated like I should. I actually started it back in Oct. but only a few posts, nothing special, I kinda put it on the back burner.

This one is something I felt led to do, I guess in my head it makes me feel more accountable. I want to really open my eyes to all God has in store for me. I need to finally get out of my own way. What's that saying "Let go and let God". I need that. I am so tired of just talking about doing it, I really want to do it.

God has been so good to me and my family over the last year, and I so don't deserve any of it. But his Grace is sufficient. I want to use that blog as a means of my heart speaking as I further my walk with God, and Grow in his Grace.  I hope that it encourages all that read it. I look forward to getting encouraged as well.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's Finished!

I finished re-doing my blog! I have to say I am pretty proud of it!

Now if I could just figure out how to change the font to something cuter than what the computer offers & add some post dividers & my signature.....

Monday, January 17, 2011

A Work in Progress

I'm in the process of changing up my blog...yet again!

Please bear with me!

Thank You!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Unicorns I ♥ them by Agnes

We got Taylor this movie for Christmas & watched it a few weeks ago.... it is just the cutest, funniest
movie! If you've not seen it yet I reccomend you watch it! You are guaranteed a good laugh or two!

If you've seen the movie, then you understand the song, if the movie!!

Want to win FREE milk for a year???

{Image taken from website}

I came across this today & I'd thought I'd share it with you.
You can go here to get all the details on how you can win FREE milk for an entire year!!

Once you enter you get a FREE milk with purchase coupon!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Can I?????

Trade this view in for...........

This view......

I have seriously had ENOUGH of the Winter weather, already!!
Bring on 80 degree weather!!

What do you think??

Monday, January 10, 2011

Lady In Waiting....

First things first... This book was provided to me for review by WaterBrook Multnomah.

About This Book

Love is a choice you make every day.

Content in her comfortable marriage of twenty-two years, Jane Lindsay had never expected to watch her husband, rad, pack his belongings and walk out the door of their Manhattan home. But when it happens, she feels powerless to stop him and the course of events that follow Brad’s departure.

Jane finds an old ring in a box of relics from a British jumble sale and discovers a Latin inscription in the band along with just one recognizable word: Jane. Feeling an instant connection to the mysterious ring bearing her namesake, Jane begins a journey to learn more about the ring—and perhaps about herself.

In the sixteenth-century, Lucy Day becomes the dressmaker to Lady Jane Grey, an innocent young woman whose fate seems to be controlled by a dangerous political and religious climate, one threatening to deny her true love and pursuit of her own interests.

As the stories of both Janes dovetail through the journey of one ring, it becomes clear that each woman has far more infl uence over her life than she once imagined. It all comes down to the choices each makes despite the realities they face.

~This is taken off the back of the book.

What I thought.....

This was the first book I had ever read by Susan Meissner, and I must say I loved it! The book was well written & left me not wanting to put the book down. I couldn't wait to see how the lives of both the Jane's played out. My heart ached for both of them when they both were dealing with the tragedies of love & loss.
I would defiantly recommend this to my friends!

Wanna get this book for yourself go here

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I felt like I was stuck in the sand, unable to get out.
Not the best year for me personally, most of you know that I was laid
off from my job in Jan. 2010. What you didn't know was how this has affected me.I have gone through
so many emotions over this, scared to death- our house, was use to functioning on a 2 income basis, to being okay with it when the kids got out of school I thought I'll be able to enjoy the summer, to back to being scared once the kids went back to school because my youngest was starting Kindergarten & I would now be facing these days by myself & I still had not found a job. Then there were my very dark days that I had, where I would just take the kids to school, come home and go back to bed.  I've cried, gotten mad, and I would be lying if I said I've not gotten mad at God. I allowed my job loss & lack of being able to find a new one affect every aspect of my life, from my walk with God, to the kids, my marriage, self image, self worth. I mean one person can really only take so many rejection letters & never even getting an answer before it starts to make them wonder.

I've been slowly digging myself back out. During that time the relationship, the one I needed the most -the one with my Saviour suffered probably the most. I am ashamed to admit that, but I find it hard to believe that Iam the only one that has done that. In some way felt like he was keeping me from finding a job, punishing me for some unconfessed sin, or past mistakes.
 Of course I knew better, but wanted to believe that.
So, back to the digging myself out,  I've begun to realize that I have got to embrace this season in my
life, though I don't know what God has in store for me, I know this last year, we have managed to continue
to be able to get our bills paid each month, & have food on the table. My God has been faithful,
even though I certainly did not deserve it.

So with that being said, Thanks for reading, I don't typically share things
such as this, but I just had to get this out. I want to move forward in this New Year.
I want to walk closer to my Lord from here on out, never leaving him out of my daily activities in life.

Always seeking him first.