Monday, January 24, 2011

Look @ this Deal I Got!!!!

Saturday , Taylor & I went to our local Goodwill Store. Now the few times I've been
in there I've never found anything. This time I was determined to at least find something,
I had nothing but time, Chris was home with the boys {my Nephew, Nevaeh is staying with us
for a little while, just in case you were wondering where I picked up another child, for those
of you that know I only have 2 kids} so I browsed through the racks, my arms were hurting
by the time I was done. I was getting discouraged & my allergies were beginning to kick in. I don't know why every time I go there my allergies start to act up. Taylor said it was because maybe the people that
donated there clothes had cats?? Which I am allergic too. Who knows??

But anywho, on to my deal... I was in the house ware section, when low & behold I look
down what do I see??
Why, a set of Pier 1 dishes, enough for 6 folks & the price


Why I could not believe it, I told Taylor, "girl go get mama a buggy" I stood vigilante
over them dishes till she got back! I loaded them up & was just beaming with glory!!

It could be best depicted like this kid in the video below!!!!

Funny.... I know!

Well here are the dishes I got!!

They are soo pretty!


  1. love those! good thing you got there first...i woulda snatched those things up :D haha!

  2. Really like those dishes...makes you want to tour some more Goodwill stores doesnt it.

  3. WOW! I have never even been to our Goodwill. I went to the one on Battleground one time, because somebody told me they had nice jeans, but boy was I disappointed, all I saw was a ton of junk!! And I'm not one to really look thru stuff, if it isn't out in plain sight I won't spend the time looking for it! Next time you go, give me a call if you want some company:)