Friday, January 21, 2011

Well if this ain't random

Happy Friday!
OK, so I have been really lazy with my picture taking lately & I'm pretty sure my
camera needs batteries. Today I'm taking the easy road... posting some random shots I already
have on the computer.... some of you may have seen these already on here & some may not!

 This was the view in my backyard the day after Christmas.

 This one I'm taking it waaaayyy back. This is my Senior Prom 1997, that's my little sister with me.
{sure wish I was that size today! HA!}

This is myself, Teresa, and Annette with Anita Refroe during a conference last year.
By the way Annette has a blog you should check her out!

This is my nephew Nevaeh, he's 5.

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  1. That sure was a great conference. That picture of Nevaeh is really good!