Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well I've got 2 days left of my vacation, then it's back to work. I've enjoyed the time off, although I think this week I've physically worked harder than I do at my day job! I've learned how to pull the roots of a hosta plant....note to self here: try my new found skills on the hosta's I have in the front yard! I've also been reminded that mosquito's do come out in the day time & yes in fact they do like me! UGH!!

Here are some pictures from our last beach trip we took back in Oct. I am still working on editing the ones from this trip, as well as some other pics! I plan to do that tommorow! I'm off to get ready for another fun filled day of Mission work!

Myrtle Beach, SC

I love the shadow of the Sky Wheel in this!

I wish I had my chair sitting right back near the water!

I love this one!

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