Wednesday, November 3, 2010

30 Days Of Thankfulness Day 1-3 & Wordless Wednesday

30 Days of Thankfulness

I saw a friend of mine on Facebook doing this & I thought what
neat idea! Ok, so I'm a little behind a few day's but here's my 1st 3..

Nov. 1st - I am thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ, for without him
I would be dead in my sins & trespasses, and on my way to an eternity in Hell.
{I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience, that without ceasing
I have remembrance of thee in my prayers night and day. 2 Timothy 1:3}

Nov. 2nd - With this being election day, I am thankful that we live in a country
where we are free & are able to vote, and also able to worship with out 
fear of persecution.  Though we may not like the outcome, we are
still a lot better off than most countries.

Nov. 3rd- Today I am thankful that God made someone smart enough to
invent the idea of heat! It sure is cold this morning!


1 comment:

  1. Ahh... Katrina - I love this picture!!! Makes me miss Texas!

    I love the things your thankful for! I wrote a post yesterday on Seeds of Faith about voting. Yes, what a wonderful privilege we have!

    However, being in Louisiana - I'm still thankful for AC - it's still hot here!!! Bring on Winter! LOL!

    Have a great iFellowship Day!