Tuesday, September 14, 2010

World's Finest!

World's Finest Chocolate!
Oh, how I love thee
You make me so happy!

Taylor is selling this Scrumdiddlyumptious candy bar at school!
This is by far my favorite & truth be told the only fundraiser I actually allow the
kids to sell, those catalogs are filled with over priced stuff & "gold" wrapping paper, I mean
I can't justify paying any more than THREE  dollars on a roll of paper that is just going to
end up in the trash, yeah it's pretty but are they really gonna remember what it's wrapped in? I think not!

Sorry to go off there! But like I said, I just love these candy bars they are so
yummy to my tummy! And the best part there only ONE dollar!
I remember one time when I was in school, I ended up eating the whole box.... boy was
my mama fit to be tied! Never did that again!!

Do your children sell this type of candy bar??

1 comment:

  1. We try to avoid selling anything if at all possible. But those candy bars look yummy!