Friday, September 17, 2010

Fabulous Friday Follow & Some Randomness

 Today I am trying a new Friday Blog hop..

 I believe this is Week 2 it's been going around, I am linking up with Marlessa over at Southern Reflections! Make sure to hop on over there, & check it out!

Okay, so Caleb has been sick since Wednesday, running a fever & sore throat. I took him to the Dr. yesterday & she said it was a virus, well he's doing much better today, so far NO fever! I hope it continues to stay that way, we want to go to the local High School Football game tonight! Looking foward to it, I've not been to a HS football game since I was in school{which I will not mention how long ago that's been}!

Taylor has yearbook pictures today, I always dreaded that day in school, alway's stressing over what to wear & the hassle of having to wear a ton of hairspray just to make sure your hair stayed put! I kept reminding her this morning to "Smile Pretty"!

Well happy blogging today & Have a great Friday!!


  1. Hi, I'm your new follower from FFF...^^


  2. Hi
    Thanks for adding the FFF button to your post! I'm already a follower of your super adorble blog. Hope you "hop" with us next week.