Monday, August 9, 2010

Could this be an embarassing picture??

I think not!  Were making memories here! But for her she said I totally embarassed her... I think it was
just because a bunch of High School Boys who looked like they might have been
on the track team or some sport team, just happen to be running by as I snapped this!
Like they were really paying us any mind!

I just need to capture this... my "Taterbug" is growing up waaaaay tooo fast!

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  1. Oh Yayyy! I didn't realize Taylor was gonna go to Rockingham! Alan will be going into 7th there, it's a GREAT school. I hate Mr. Hall retired, but I hear good things about our new principal! I guess I'll be seeing you around, at school functions, and such!! So where will Caleb be going?? I just assumed you lived in the Reidsville district!